03 Sep 2015

ATAQ 2Bank


Manage your payment transactions with all financial institutions automatically, securely and reliably and exchange your data with high security protocol. With ATAQ 2Bank TECHNOSIS offers you flexible state-of-the-art software.

ATAQ 2Bank works with the communication standard EBICS as the multi-bank capable ZKA standard adopted by the German banking sector. Financial accounting systems such as SAP which generate various message formats (DTA, DTAUS, SWIFT, SEPA) are ideally supplemented by ATAQ 2Bank.

ATAQ 2Bank transmits your orders and retrieves your account turnover data files.

ATAQ 2Bank makes possible

  • Participation in domestic and foreign payment transactions with a single application
  • Transparent, reliable processing of payment transactions
  • Generation of all documents required for communication with the bank
  • Retrieval of data files
  • Further processing of received files
  • Creation of electronic signatures
  • Documentation of all activities
  • Monitoring of all transactions