30 Aug 2015

ATAQ Asset


It is important for you as a bank / asset manager / insurer to offer your customers personalized and flexible financial services and/or sophisticated portfolio management functionality and reporting.

In the growing complexity of the investment environment, you can grab an important competitive advantage by setting yourself apart from other financial services providers.  Our asset management program is a visionary solution for portfolio management that helps you to do your work more efficiently and professionally.

Our system can also be used for proprietary trading in order to increase transparency.

Customers who have provided references include the Volkswagen Foundation, PallMall Investment, Schleswig-Holstein Investment Bank, HanseMerkur insurance group, Evangelische Darlehensgenossenschaft, AKA Bank and the social funds SOKA Bau.

Details about what our product ATAQ Risk makes possible…

  • Performance records compared to various real-time benchmarks, including historic data. Price history data are automatically stored.
  • Detailed portfolio graphics and portfolio reporting. The reports can be converted with a mouse click into HTML, CSV or PDF format and automatically sent.
  • Presentation (in tables and graphics) of chronological / historical development of securities accounts or benchmarks.
  • Real-time reports and position presentation.
  • Various simulation and analysis functions. Avoid risk by testing your strategy before implementing it.
  • Reports on all conventional securities (stocks, bonds, funds, discount certificates, reverse convertibles, callable bonds, profit-participation certificates, CPs, futures, etc.).
  • Integration with market data in real-time; interfaces to various data providers such as ThomsonReuters, Bloomberg, etc. and to other systems (e.g., MS Excel).
  • Audit-compliant archiving of business and price data.
  • Value@Risk calculation; e.g., loss potential from individual portfolios or portfolio groups.
  • The portfolio automatically maps a closed cash flow. Coupons are automatically maintained and liquidity is added
  • Multi-client capability
  • Valuation rate / Provisions rate can be used.
  • Implementation of all relevant front, middle and back office functionality.
  • Automatic tolerance check of business data entered (automation of audit routines).
  • Price proposals, Greeks, modified duration, yield, spread to yield curve, basis point value, etc. are computed with business input and in the reports.