29 Aug 2015



All relevant data are taken into consideration in the cash management module ATAQ Cash with regard to planned and actual value dates and in the trend analysis with contract dates and forecast dates.

Cash management offers standard interfaces to all conventional downstream systems such as SAP, Oracle Financial and DCW. Modules make it possible to expand the areas of clearing pooling, financial holdings, check return, payment systems, payment contract management, treasury management, in-house banking and payment factory.

Effective cash management helps you to:

  • arrange for only the most necessary cash holdings
  • minimize financing expense
  • optimize cash flow
  • set up money-saving clearing  / pooling
  • guarantee payment monitoring of accounts receivable

If needed, we can implement for you a turn-key bank booking concept for electronic banking. We have many years of experience with diverse bookkeeping software products.

ATAQ Cash offers:

  • Cash management and trend analysis can be flexibly designed with your functional areas in order to reflect requirements specific to a company.
  • Besides cash management in the liquidity hierarchy, trend analysis has an essential function in the short-term range for the liquidity forecast.
  • The trend analysis is based on the data from cash management plus receivables, payables, customer orders, investment contracts, tax assessments and other relevant data such as forecast integration of distributed monthly data.
  • Various standard reports or user-defined reports from the report generator are integrated.
  • Automation of management reporting that takes KonTraG requirements into account
  • Automatic bank booking
  • Integration of bank communication -ATAQ 2Bank-
  • Booking system for integration of interface posting and KonTraG booking