03 Sep 2015

ATAQ eBooking


Immediate booking of electronically retrieved account information, made possible by pre- processing of data on ordering party and reason for transfer.

With this function you can increase the transparency in your business and, as a rule, realize considerable savings or efficiency improvement potential.

eBooking offers:

  • Automatic booking of electronic banking account statements and electronic accounts receivable advice-booking in finance and accounting system for all areas – impersonal accounts, accounts payable, accounts receivable with clearing
  • Automatic account coding of all individual movements, according to user’s choice of account receivables voucher number, classification terms, bank details, etc. for mechanized clearing and for impersonal booking with optional clearing terms, etc.
  • Effective streamlining of manual paper-based statement bookings in financial accounting
  • Automatic booking from ancillary accounting systems by means of booking technology in finance and accounting
  • Automatic reserve bookings from trading from the systems ATAQ Cash and ATAQ risk, as per KonTraG
  • Integration of automatic bank booking in SAP with standard ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) or RFC