29 Aug 2015

ATAQ Netting


Our ATAQ Netting offers all the functionality of a modern multilateral netting system for the optimization of intercompany payments in concerns operating at national and international levels. Functions include interfaces for data input and output, detailed interactive reconcilement processes and control mechanisms, automatic notification of net payments, settlement over central netting, download to post with OP settlement, etc.

ATAQ Netting makes possible:

  • Direct input (upload, manual) of all separate vouchers by the participating companies or netting center over client-server, Citrix/Terminal Server or Web-based Internet.
  • Variable settlement cycles with user-defined schedules for entry, reconcilement, clearance and audit phases, managed by the netting center.
  • Filter techniques, differentiated financial control and settlement mechanisms.
  • Communication windows make it easier for netting participants to reconcile their corresponding receivables/payables, particularly in controversial cases for dispute management. If desired, a connection can be made between SAP ERP and SAP dispute management.
  • Rationalization of work processes with clearly structured work flows for participants and netting center.
  • Automatic bundling and settlement of total receivables/payables in one cash flow amount per netting participant and period. Generation/Download of booking information (voucher level) for automatic booking of cleared receivables/payables and settlement of open postings.
  • Full integration in ATAQ eBooking & ERP systems, e.g., SAP RFC connection with automatic clearing of receivables/payables postings.
  • The netting center manages functions such as cycle management, clearance and deal coordination, etc.