30 Aug 2015



Our treasury and risk management system ATAQ Risk is an integrated system for companies and financial services firms for processing front, middle and back-office businesses with real-time position reporting and risk management (KonTraG, IAS 39, IFRS, etc.).

The program allows data entry of all conventional financial instruments (e.g., foreign exchange, mortgages, interest rate derivatives, securities, etc.) and real-time valuation of positions, analyses, portfolio graphics, reports, VaR, simulations, limits, graphic presentation against credit lines, etc.

In a competitive comparison the software can claim a unique position for these reasons:

  • Fully integrated system, that is, integration of the following is possible: financial data, collection system, reports, analyses, simulations, financial planning and decision system (charting tool)
  • Independent of data source (ThomsonReuters, Bloomberg, Technosis data provider)
  • Complete compatibility with existing environment – runs under Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and UNIX / Linux and is compatible with different databases
  • Open system with interfaces to many other systems, e.g., Crystal Report, SAP, etc.
  • Full Internet capability (RDP) of system
  • Very user-friendly (can be used after two to five days of training)

The use of Data Handler technology permits connection of a data source to the program. Expensive and extensive data sources can be combined with lower-priced data sources for the financial control area and thus save money.